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Florida Stallion Stakes Nomination/Payment Form

Florida Stallion Stakes Nomination/Payment Form





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Circle One

  • Yearling Payment ($50)
  • First Two-Year-Old Payment ($100)
  • Final Two-Year-Old Payment ($250)

Late payment schedule available.  For dates and fees, please click here.

Payments cannot be made online. Simply print this form, fill it out, and mail with payment to:

Calder Casino & Race Course, Inc.
21001 N.W. 27th Avenue
Miami Gardens, FL  33056.

Checks made payable to Calder Casino & Race Course, Inc.  No credit cards.

For further information contact Donna Galati, Florida Stallion Stakes Coordinator, at (305) 625-1311, ext. 3417, via fax at (305) 628-0399, or email at

The ultimate status of each horse's nominations shall be the ultimate responsibility of the owner.

$1,050,000 Estimated Gross Purse.

Signed: _______________________________________    Date: ___________________________

It is agreed that the above nominations are made with the understanding that the horse or horses so entered will only be allowed to start if in good standing at the time of the actual running of this event. Calder Casino & Race Course, Inc. reserves the right to cancel this event without notice at any time prior to the actual running thereof, without liability, except for the return of the nomination and eligibility fees. Every effort will be made by management to run a filly division and a colt division in each of the three series, but if management, in their opinion, does not have a sufficient amount of starters for two divisions, they reserve the right to run only one race.

The rules of Calder Casino & Race Course, Inc. (Calder) and the Florida Division of Pari-Mutuel Wagering (Division), in effect at the time the race is run, govern all races under the auspices of Calder Casino & Race Course, Inc. Nominations to the race advertised in this blank will be received only with the understanding and on the agreement of the subscriber, that the provisions of Racing Rules form a part of and govern the contract.

Calder Casino & Race Course, Inc. reserves the right to divide this race including both added monies and all nominating and starting fees in the event there is a greater number of starters than the track can accommodate. Every person entering a horse in a race to be run under these rules accepts the decision of the stewards on any question relating to a race or to racing.

At the discretion of the stewards, and without notice, the entries of any person or the transfer of any entry may be refused.