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Studz Poker Club Introduces Hot Seats

Tags: Calder News | December 24, 2011

Beginning in January, Studz Poker Club at Calder Casino & Race course will introduce a new $500 Hot Seat promotion - a concept quite familiar to slot players, but rarely seen in a poker room.

The promotion uses the Genesis Bravo system’s random seat generator, which randomly picks a carded player with a minimum of 30 minutes active play. The winner receives $500 cash and all other carded players at the table will receive $20. Studz will randomly pick five winners throughout the day between 9:00am and 6:00pm every Wednesday and Thursday in January.

“We wanted to offer something different than the normal high hands that everyone else is running,” said Chris Trabue, Director of Poker for Studz. “It’s a new way for players to win money without necessarily having the best hand.”

Because this promotion is not based off of a triggered hand, it is 100% company-funded. Florida law doesn’t allow for card rooms to use Jackpot money (player-funded) to fund promotions not based on triggered hands. “We wanted to start off the year by giving back to our players with a company-funded promotion.”

In January, Studz will also continue its regular Jackpot-funded High Hand promotion of $100 every 30 minutes Sunday through Thursday, and $500 every 30 minutes Fridays and Saturdays from 10:00am to midnight. Full details on promotions at Studz can be found at 

Trabue says that the company-funded promotions approach will happen several times throughout the year as a way of “keeping things fresh and giving something back to the players that made us the room we are today.”