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Calder to Apply Stabling Fee During Non-Live Racing Months

Tags: Racing News | September 28, 2012

In the past, stall space and training facilities at Calder Casino & Race Course have been provided to Thoroughbred owners and trainers for free over the course of the calendar year, including the months when Calder does not conduct live racing.  However, as with other racetracks across the country, Calder is faced with a decision to either close its stable area or to apply a stabling fee for those horses training at Calder during its ‘off-season’ (the months when there are no races at Calder).

To keep the stable area open and operating with training services when Calder is not running live races, Calder must charge a stabling fee of $10 per stall per day beginning December 1, 2012 and continuing through April 5, 2013.  The $10 fee will assist with offsetting a portion of stable area operating costs when there is no live racing.  The fees will not cover all of Calder’s stable area expenses.

South Florida Thoroughbred owners have choices of where to stable their horses when Calder is not running live races.  Other area stabling/training facilities and their fees include:

Palm Meadows            $15 per day
Palm Beach Downs      $10 per day
Payson Park                      rates vary

The horses that use Calder as a training facility when there is no live racing are able to compete at other racetracks, generating revenue for their owners and trainers and those racetracks.  Meanwhile, Calder must continue to pay for the operating and maintenance costs associated with keeping its stable area open.  Current economics no longer afford the luxury of free stabling and training facilities during the period when there is no opportunity for participants to generate revenues for Calder’s racing program.

While the industry standard is for racetracks to close their stable areas at the conclusion of their race meets, Calder realizes that it is beneficial to South Florida racing to remain open for stabling and training during the months when there is no live racing. 

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